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Farmhouse Touches is a marketplace featuring farmhouse inspired furniture, decor, vintage, and supplies. When you buy an item through Farmhouse Touches, you are buying directly from one of the many sellers on our website.

As for most inquiries, you will need to contact the seller directly, and not the Farmhouse Touches admin.

Contact the Seller

Please contact the seller if you would like to:

  • Ask about a particular product or availability
  • Ask about your order
  • Ask about customization options
  • Ask about a refund

You can contact the seller by visiting their product page. Just below the product pictures, you will see a tab “Ask a Question”.  Click that tab and you will be able to submit your question to the seller via the form.

If you have already placed an order with a seller, you can email them directly. Their email address will be included in the order confirmation email you received.

Contact Farmhouse Touches Admin

If you are unable to find the answer in our FAQs or you have been unable to get in touch with a seller regarding an order you have placed then please send us an email at

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