Bormioli Rocco Romantic Set Of 4 Cooler Glasses, 16 Oz. Colored Crystal Glass, Pastel Green, Made In Italy. Price:  $25.40 (as of 29/08/2023 16:49 PST- Details)

THE PERFECT GLASSES FOR FORMAL DINNERS Our unique glasses feature a Victorian-inspired design with a vintage feel that’s perfect for casual entertaining or more formal dinner parties. Their ROMANTIC feel make them excellent for a night with a special person or your family and Friends.
ITALIAN MADE QUALITY GLASS Invest in a premium set of tumbler glasses that can take any use and abuse. They are resistant to breakage and chipping, plus, they feature an embossed pattern that gives them a unique, artisanal look.
GREAT FOR ALL BEVERAGES Choose a versatile set of drinking glasses that can hold virtually everything, juice, water, coke, soda, lemonade or even wine or spirits. Their spacious size is perfect to cater to the tastes of every single guest!

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