Selling - Seller Guidelines

We want Farmhouse Touches to be a place where buyers can shop with the confidence that they will receive great customer service and amazing products.

Integrity of our Marketplace

To protect the integrity of our marketplace, here are a few rules.

    • Provide honest, accurate information in your about section.
    • Honor your shop policies.
    • Accurately represent your items in your listings and photos.
    • Respect intellectual property rights of others.
    • Do not engage in fee avoidance. You may not put your contact information in your product listings or pictures.
    • Do not create duplicate listings.
    • Place products in relevant categories. 

Item Listings

    • Title, Category and Descriptions should be complete.
    • Upload high-quality photos of products.
    • Contain item measurements when applicable.
    • No keyword spamming allowed.

Code of Business

Farmhouse Touches holds our shop owners to a very high, ethical, conduct of business. When a customer complains to us about an order or shop, we will do the following:

    • We will investigate the complaint, and work with the shop to resolve the complaint against them.
    • If the complaint cannot be resolved in a timely manner, we may temporarily close the shop until the complaint is resolved.
    • Numerous complaints are sufficient grounds for removing the shop from Farmhouse Touches.

Farmhouse Touches may also close a shop for being rude or abusive to customers, dishonest, for unprofessional behavior.

We also understand that there are situations that are out of a vendor’s control that may result in a customer complaint, and these situations will have no impact on your standing on our Farmhouse Touches.

We also will give several warnings before we ban a seller from our marketplace.